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In 2015, rLoop was founded by a handful of individuals who sought to re-imagine transportation using the Hyperloop concept as a basis. Today, rLoop is a diverse and globally distributed team of over 1,400 designers, engineers, and manufacturers. All are united by a vision to create a better world through innovation.

rLoop has demonstrated success with our Hyperloop designs and vehicles, as well as our collaborations with industry partners. We have won multiple international awards, and designed and manufactured hardware that achieved numerous firsts in the Hyperloop space including:

Awarded "Pod Innovation" and "Best Non-Student Design" awards from SpaceX

First Hyperloop pod to demonstrate static levitation in vacuum

First Hyperloop pod with pressure vessel capable of supporting human life

First engineering system entirely designed and built by a global community


rFlight is the same globe-spanning team of passionate engineers and designers behind rLoop. We are applying our knowledge and expertise towards personal flight and creating a truly unique vehicle and experience.

This is a truly unique opportunity to get involved with an innovative community, promote your organization, and be associated with one of the most exciting fields of development in technology.

Expand your brand by partnering with an innovative team and project

Have this revolutionary vehicle and the team who built it at one of your events

Co-marketing opportunities and inclusion in our events and social media

Have your logo on the vehicle, our website, the team uniform, and more!

Join us on this international journey of collaboration and innovation.

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