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Introducing the rWing

A new class of personal adventure vehicle

250 km/h
Cruise Speed
125 km
100 kg

An object to be admired

Even when not in use, the rWing demands admiration. The vehicle is designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, with a build size comparable to a SUV to allow seamless interface with existing infrastructure.


Experience true flight

The rWing has been optimized for low-noise, high-speed and endurance with a unique flying wing design and ducted-fans. With the air rushing past your body and the vehicle not in your line of sight, the experience is like true flight.


Heads Up Display

Visible flight paths, object detection, and relevant flight data delivered conveniently in a heads up display (HUD). A brain-computer interface (BCI) is being developed to provide a truly unique experience.


rWing Specs

Range: 125 km
Cruise Speed: 250 km/h
Payload: 100 kg
Seating: 1 Adult
Length: 234 cm
Wingspan: 255 cm
Height: 122 cm
Maximum Noise: 86 dB

Caught Your Interest?

A demonstration vehicle is being built for flight in 2019.
To join us on this international journey of collaboration and innovation, become a partner.

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